Lisa Torres

Lisa Torres Luna is a contemporary dancer and dance teacher originally from Yucatan, México. She started dancing from the young age of 4 practicing various dance styles throughout the years such as ballet, jazz, hip-hop, aerial dance and contemporary dance. In 2015 she started her pre-professional education in contemporary dance at the Yucatan Dance Conservatoire and by 2017 she already began to perform in big and small theatres around the south of Mexico. Since 2018 she has been invited to be part of dance projects from national and international choreographers like Lourdes Luna (Mexico), Alexis Miramon (Colombia), Cristina Baquerizo (Ecuador), Natalia Mussio (Argentina), among others. 

From 2019 until 2021 she joined the professional dance company, Cressida Danza Contemporanea as an ensemble and with them, she performed in various scenarios around Mexico and also in New York City. Lisa has performative dance experience having participated in Dance Festivals, Art Exhibitions, Videodances, Short Films and Street performances in countries like Mexico, USA, Denmark and Germany. In 2020 she was granted the Eurasia Scholarship which helped her start her dance education at the Contemporary Dance School Hamburg in 2021.

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