My name is Niharika Khandelwal.I am an internationally certified yoga teacher having my roots from India. Currently, I am working as a yoga trainer in three few prestigious gyms in Hamburg and parallely looking for more exciting opportunities in my field. I am specialized in different styles of yoga like Hatha yoga, power yoga,yogilates(yoga and pilates mix), Vinyasa flow and mixed flow.

About my background- Before being a freelancer yoga teacher, I was teaching “Anatomy and physiology” in a renowned yoga institute in India, where my job was to help aspirant yoga teachers to understand how yoga works on “mind and body” scientifically. Having physiology as my major subject, I was parallely involved in various workshops related to deep relaxation,meditation, asana alignment,Pranayama (breathwork) etc.

In my classes, I focus more on “breath and relaxation techniques” along with the asana practice. Because being a yoga teacher I believe “if you can control your breath,you can control your body and mind”. I believe that each yoga teacher has its own way or style of teaching and what I teach in my class is all the practical knowledge that I have gained by applying it on myself and my students,seeing enormous results rather than just going with the books.

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